Stop Feeding the Beast – The Reading Myths We Pass on As Truth

I’ve always taken my role as a trend-setter and mindset-changer with kids very seriously. I am very conscious of the language I use and how I promote certain things to certain kids. I loved this list, and it’s a great list to consider when talking about reading with your children, colleagues, or even yourself.

Pernille Ripp

“This is not a “girl” book even if the cover makes you think it is, boys can love it too…”And I stop myself.  And I cringe inwardly.  And I want to rewind time for just 10 seconds and tell myself to stop.  A “girl” book?  What in the world is that?  And since when did I label our classroom books by gender?

The stereotypes of reading seems to be a beast in itself.  We feed the beast whenever we pass on hearsay as fact.  We feed the beast whenever we fall victim to one of these stereotypical sayings without actually questioning it.  Through our casual conversation we teach our students that there are books for girls and books for boys.  We teach our students that a strong reader looks one way, while a struggling reader (God, I hate that term) is something else.  We say these things as if they…

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